TYBFM Sem 6 Syllabus: Corporate Governance

corporate governance

If you are looking for TYBFM Sem 6 Syllabus of Corporate Governance, then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.


Unit I : The Philosophy of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance-Introduction-Definition-Balance-Frame work.

Business Ethics-an important dimension of Corporate Governance-Fair & Unfair business practices.

Unit II : Genesis of Corporate Governance in India

Introduction: Principles Arthashastra & Good Governance in ancient India, Protection of Interest of Customers & Investors – Corruption & Zero Tolerance of Corruption – MRTP Act & MRTP commission

Unit -III : Evolution of Corporate Governance

The Cadbury committee – Code of Best Principles – Indian Experience of Corporate Governance – The C II  Code – SEBI’ s  initiative (The Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee Report) – Corporate Governance in Globalize Economy – MNC s / TNC s & Business Ethics

Unit – IV : Governance in Family – Owned Business

Family- owned business- background -family business in India -Need for Professionalization & Transparency in   Family Business -Case Study- Future of Corporate Governance

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