Things Only BFM Graduates Can Relate To

  • People constantly ask you which shares should they buy?

Whether you know which shares will fetch good returns or not, you just confidently answer “Reliance le le bahut kamayega” #FreeKiAdvices

  • Half of the class didn’t wanted to pursue this course

More than half of the class opts for BFM because they haven’t got admission in BMM, BMS, BAF, etc. or someone misguided them by saying “BFM mai bahut scope hai” #ScopeKiMaaDi


  • Your reply to stock market related questions

Engineering student: Why stock market fluctuates every second?

Me: Dude actually in lay man’s language it’s probably because of demand and supply ? (The only answer you know for this question) #StockMarketDecoded

  • Your classmates are already planning for CFP/CFA/MBA

While you are still wondering why the f*ck have you taken up BFM. Your friends are already planning to enroll for some professional course #ZindagiJhandwaFirBhiGhamandwa

  • When you clear Micro/Macro Economics exam

You just can’t describe that feeling in words *heave a sigh of relief* #PappuPass

  • Group Presentations

That hum sath sath hai types feeling you get when you prepare for presentation in groups *Hum to doobe hain sanam, par tumko bhi le doobenge*?

  • Markets, Markets & Markets

Debt Markets

Equity Markets — I & 2

Global Capital Market

Derivative Market

Money Market

Foreign Exchange Market *phewww*

The only market which remained untaught was #BhajiMarket


  • When you invest in stock market and lose some money

The time when your professors motivates you to invest in stock market and you enthusiastically agree. The rest is the untold story of every BFM student #ProfessorNeKehKeLiya

  • Stock Broker Jobs After Graduation Feels Like…

After all those blood, sweat and tears you ultimately end up getting these kind of jobs! #HumseNaHoPayega

No matter what but the 3 years graduation journey will always remain special for all of us. Cheers! ?

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