Questions Asked in TYBFM Sem 5 Derivative Markets October 2012 University Exam


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What are derivatives? Briefly explain the origin and development of derivative market.



Compare the role of Hedgers and Speculators in derivative market.



Explain the need for derivatives.



Distinguish between ‘futures’ and ‘forwards’ contract.



Explain the various settlement of forward contracts.



Write note on any 4 types of orders in derivative market.



Raman sold a January Nifty futures contract for Rs. 2,40,000; on 15th January. Each Nifty futures contract is for delivery of 100 Nifites. On 25th Jan, the index closes at Rs. 2350.
How much profit/loss did he make?

Explain the concept of Hedging with a suitable example.



Explain the terminologies of Writer, Premium, lntrinsic Value and Time Value.



Explain a long call and a short call with relevant payoff diagrams.



Explain the option Greeks “Delta and Gamma”.



A trader buys a call option of Reliance Ltd. @ Rs. 20 prernium, with a strike price of Rs” 1110 and on expiry the spot closes at Rs. 800. Lot size is 100 shares. Find the profit or loss situation and draw a payoff.



Explain how NSCCL manage risk.



Discuss about the Risk in derivatives market.



Write a short note on American and European Option.



Write a short note on Types of Orders.



Write a short note on initial Margin.



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