Interview with Siddhesh Waze, BFM Topper, Viva College


–         Siddhesh Waze

Were you expecting to top in the exams?

A. Not exactly, but I knew that I had a good competition with two more colleagues and it’s good to know that I topped the exam


To whom would you credit this success to?

A. I would credit this success to all my teachers and the sources (reference books) provided by teachers also the library facility of my college. They have huge numbers of books which proved helpful.


Did you start preparing right from the first day of your BFM?

A. You could say yes i did start from the day 1 of the academic but it wasn’t thought at all, because I believe n practise in small regular session than large study session at the end.


How did you allot time to different subjects?

A. I took the easier subjects first and then focused the tougher part in the end.


Did you follow a self-made timetable? And how many hours did you study per day?

A. 2-3 hrs.Per day was what i practised. This is enough time to complete the curriculum in time.


Had you joined any coaching classes or was it just self-study?

A. No. i didn’t joined any coaching classes. I did self-study


I’m sure you must be getting bored/tired after long study hours of the day. What was your source of entertainment?

A. Frankly speaking, anything that consists of finance didn’t bore me. But yes to take a break from studies i read finance magazines, finance paper and success story of various personalities (DhiruBhai Ambhani, Mr.JhunjhunWala) also thing about Harshad Mehta and Ketan Pariek was interesting to read.


Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

A. I too don’t understand y do students do that after 1 failure. They should look at people who failed many times but never gave up and finally the achieved which millions of people couldn’t imagine about great example is scientist is Benjamin Franklin and many more to manage stress what is imp is to do regular work than to keep everything for last minute study, this will help you avoid stress during exams.


How did you manage time during the preparation leave just before the exams?

A. At the leave only thing which I had to do was studies. Healthy 7 hrs. Study was what I did.


Do you think going through the past University papers is of any help?

A. I didn’t had to do this we are in Pilot batch (first batch)


After such a great achievement, what do you plan to do now? What are the future goals on your mind?

A. I am planning to pursue CFA and also thinking of giving NCFM exams


Thank You for being so honest with your answers and giving us your valuable time. I’m sure reading this interview would be a great help and inspiration for the students. Congratulations once again and all the very best for you career!

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