Interview with Reema Shah, SYBFM Student 2014, Nagindas Khandwala College

Interview with Reema Shah, SYBFM Student 2014, Nagindas Khandwala College



Name – Reema Shah

College Name – Nagindas Khandwala College

Course Name – BFM

Which year – SY



Tell us about yourself

Well, as written above, my name is Reema. Starting with the academics, I am in love with the course I have taken. It really interests me. Though I hate books, I still prefer reading thriller and horror story books. I have been the consistent third time topper in BFM since second semester.

I really like to be in spot light during an event so that is the reason I love hosting as well as compeering events. And I have also hosted many till now. Talking about dislikes, particularly I don’t have any but people disturbing you for no reason are very annoying.

Tell us about your college

To be frank enough, I love my college as it is. And the most special thing here is we students are provided with number of opportunities to polish our skills. The best example is this portal of Mumbai itself which is encouraged by the college to its student. Basically, I don’t have any particular teacher who I like the most. This is because all the faculties take almost equal amount of hard work to inbuilt the knowledge among us. The happiest moment as well as the most memorable moment was when I got selected for hosting the whole department’s official festival in Prabodhan Thackray hall in front of almost 2000 people. Luckily, there is no sad moment I have been through till now. (Even further,  I hope for the best)

When did you join BFM? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BFM and not any other course?

I joined BFM in 2013. And Currently I am in the second year of it. To be frank enough; I wasn’t inspired by anything to take this BFM course. However, I now find it pretty interesting . So I am happy with no regression.

According to you, what are BFM all about? As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

BFM is all about the Financial markets (that’s what it full form says). As it teaches us all the basic as well as extra knowledge required in the stock market. It teaches us how will you invest in the market, how does the price increase, how to choose the avenue for yourself, etc. It basically covers how does the economy in stock markets work. Being a student, I would change the education system to be more practical and to be more open minded especially in terms of sex education.

Who in your life has influenced the most?

My family throughout my life till now has been the most influential part. Especially my mumma.

What would you advice someone planning to do BAF / BBI / BMS / BFM / BMM / BBA?

I would advise them not to just blindly follow people and take up such courses because if you didn’t liked it ,it will be you who will be regretting later on. So do think properly before taking up any courses including these as well as other courses too.

3 Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

I personally feel, that if you want to ask question to people who is more qualified than you, firstly you must atleast make yourself eligible for it. However, I would surely ask one question that why did you landed up taking MBA which is very commonly prevailed degree now-a-days?

What are your future plans?

Currently, I am planning to complete my BFM degree with good grades and then I have plans for pursuing a diploma degree for  TV anchoring (targeting for CNBC channels) and along with that i have planned to do CFA.

Your feedback for

Well, I have yet not discovered the website wholly, but I am sure that it is an outstanding initiative.


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