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  • Tell us something about yourself

I am the Cofounder and Training Head of Ambition Learning Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer at Ambition Financial Planners Pvt. Ltd. Before starting my entrepreneurial career I was working as an Executive Director with a Non Banking Finance Company Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). I have graduated in Maths and Post Graduated in Wealth Management & Financial Engineering and Risk Management with International Certifications to my credit like Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Financial Risk Manager (FRM) & Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM). I was awarded with young entrepreneurs’ award in Dubai and I am also nominated for the Mother Teresa Excellence Award to be held on the 15th of December 2013. My basic work profile includes Fund Management & Trainings at Undergraduate, Post Graduate Colleges & Corporate.


  • When did you join the teaching profession? What made you decide to take a financial course?


I have been training for the past 6 years. At the first job after my graduation I realized how important it was for anyone to learn about finance to be a good manager and hence I completed my post graduation in Finance and decided to work in the field of Finance to get some practical insights.


  • How has your experience been so far?

My experience has been simply fantastic. I love the dynamic nature of Finance, which keeps me on my toes 24 hours as I am required to be updated with everything that is happening in the financial world and I love the challenge.


  • What is your teaching philosophy?

I love following the Flip School Model (which actually is difficult to implement) where the audience knows what the topic is and are already prepared with the same where my job is to throw practical insights on the subject and solve all the doubts. I don’t believe in sharing theory gyan, my sessions are completely practical in nature.


  • One touching incident that happened with you in your teaching career?

I always told students that I hope someday I can sit in the audience to hear you talk like you’ll are hearing me and fortunately I had the honor to sit in the audience and hear one of my student.


  • What is a high stress situation you found yourself in and how did you handle it?

Teaching is super fun and I don’t get stressed at all but checking the papers is painful and I don’t have a solution to handle it as if now 😛


  • Do you think the course curriculum is at par with industry expectations?

The course is brilliant and covers a lot of things required for a career in the Capital Markets. The problem I see is the dirt for some good faculties who can share practical understanding of the subjects.

  • Who in your life has most influenced you?  

My teaching career in colleges is all a credit to Ms. Khyati Vora of Hinduja College. She was the first one to allow me to train in her college. I am very close to the college, faculties and students at Hinduja as that’s where I started

  •  Is it possible for BFM students to pursue internships/ additional courses/ part-time jobs alongside BFM?

Infact I would recommend everyone doing the BFM program to do internships and enroll for other programs while you are studying, as it is very much possible and the need of the hour given the practical orientation of the subjects involved in the curriculum. Students should opt for other programs like the CFP, CCRA, CFA, FRM etc

  • What are your professional/career goals?

I would want to start a college of my own and develop a MOOC for all financial programs offered in India and abroad

  • ·         How do you persuade others to see your point of view?

I actually don’t. The education system in India does not allow me to. There is no flexibility. I have been doing a lot of activities while being there in the system and have been successful in implementing them.

  • ·         What are the biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges that financial professionals face in today’s market?

Biggest Opportunity is that India is still in its nascent stage. Our Banking, Currency, Debt Markets are still only 1/10th of what it can be. There is a huge scope for expansion if the policy paralysis is removed. The biggest challenge I see is that the youth follows the heard mentality and lack of educational infrastructure in India.


  • What suggestions would you like to give to Mumbai University for amendments in the BFM course?

There is a scope to better the curriculum by involving more professional along with academicians. University should tie up with corporates for Internship opportunities. University should come up with Train the Trainer Programs for the faculties involved in BFM.


  • What message would you like to give to the BFM students

Don’t stick to the books, as this is a very dynamic program, which needs you to keep pace with the world by reading financial newspapers and other related subject matters. Don’t opt for it because you could not qualify for some other program. Select BFM only if it interests you and see your career flying. Do other programs with your graduation so that you are employable as soon as you graduate.

  • Your Feedback for

You’ll are doing a great job, keep it up.

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