Interview with Jay Surana, FYBFM Student 2014, Chandrabhan Sharma College

Interview with Jay Surana, FYBFM Student 2014, Chandrabhan Sharma College

By Janhavi Bhatkar


Name –Jay Surana

College Name – Chandrabhan Sharma College of Arts, Science & Commerce,Powai

Course Name –  BFM

Which year – FY




Tell us about yourself

ANS-Hi I am Jay Surana. I completed my schooling from IDUBS. I reside in Bhandup. I am fun loving guy. I have gain 8th place in all India Navneet drawing competition. I like to watch movies.

Tell us about your college

ANS- We have the best teaching faculty. I love the coordination between the staff members and faculty of the college. Umesh sir is my favorite teacher because he inspire us and motivate us to achieve our target.

Friendship Day in our college was the happiest moment in BFM as on this day unknown face turn to be known friends. There is no sad moment yet. The days of KHWAISH (our college fest) was the most memorable day of my college life.

When did you join BFM ? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BFM  and not any other course?

ANS-I joined BFM in June 2014. Now I am in First Year of BFM. The curiosity towards finance sector and the increasing vacancy and job opportunities attracts me to choose this course as for a better future.

According to you, what is BFM all about? As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

ANS-BFM is regarding to finance sector.

I would like to change examination system because according to me it’s not the proper way to conduct examination. Students are just following semester pattern. Because of the pressure of examination students are facing many problems.

Who in your life has influenced the most?

ANS-Karan Sandesara

He is working in JLT at a good position. He has inspire me a lot. And the awareness regarding studies is brought up in me by his inspiration. In very young age he achieved a lot.

What would you advice someone planning to do BFM ?

ANS-If I would have to advice someone about to choosing a stream, I would suggest them go for BMM or BFM because this stream has a great scope in future as the industrial and media sector is booming and life is becoming more dependent on it.

3 Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

Why did you choose MBA?

What are the positive outcome of becoming a MBA?

Why would you prefer MBA?

What are your future plans? (Your ambitions)

ANS- My future plan is to become a CEO of a particular company in which I want to work hard and earn a good amount of money.

Your feedback for

ANS- Helpful.


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