Interview with Binisha Ganesh, FYBFM Topper 2014, Chandrabhan Sharma College

Interview with Binisha Ganesh, FYBFM Topper 2014, Chandrabhan Sharma College

By Janhavi Bhatkar, Chandrabhan Sharma College


Name – Binisha Ganesh

College Name – Chandrabhan Sharma College Of Arts, Science and Commerce, Powai.

Course Name –BFM

Which year – FY

Rank in FY  :  3rd

GPA / Percentage: 59.50%


  • Tell us about yourself, your background, why did you join BFM and what do you plan to do a BFM?

ANS- Nice question… I like it, actually I want admission in BMS but the seat was already full. There were no other option so I took BFM and BFM also not too bad, it is very good actually. I liked the subjects. Our teachers give us knowledge of financial a/c and markets. After the graduation in BFM I want to do an MBA..

  • How does it feel to be a Topper of the college in Semester exams?

ANS- To be frank I didn’t feel that much grate that I am 2nd runner up of the class. I think and feel that I can do much better than this. I’ll do my best in next semester.

  • Whom will you credit your success to?

ANS-I’ll give my credit first to my teachers and next to my family and friends. And thanks to my Class sir who encourage me and my friends a lot. Whatever we achieve in these 3-4 months in college or in college fest or in any competition is just because of his words and support with us.

  • Did you start preparing from the first day of your FY?

ANS-Not exactly, but I pick up my book at that time when I feel stressed or bored. In that time I took theory subjects and starts study in target wise. When I feel bored that time I pick up my favourite subject Accounts and start solving sums.

  • How did you study for Sem I ? (Share some tips / advice for each subject)

I am the last minute study kind of person. For the sem 1 also I studied like this.

  • Which are the easy subjects in Sem I / Sem III?

ANS-Principal Of Investment  and  Financial Accounting

  • Any special way of writing the answers? Do you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

ANS-There is nothing special ways of study. I wrote those points which comes in my mind while writing the paper

  • How do you crack case studies in theory and practical subjects?

ANS-By studying in both the ways like theoretically and practically. Use of internet mostly help me in it.

  • Did you draw any diagram in any paper? Is it mandatory? Does it help to get more marks?

ANS- If it is need then I draw the diagram in paper. And yes it is helpful for obtain good marks in examination.


  • Any specific study pattern adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours per subject per day etc.?

ANS- No. No specific study pattern that I used. I study before the one day of the exam.

  • How do you fight against mood swings and distractions during exam preparation?

ANS- Along with the study I loved to listen music as well as I like to dance. So to fight against mood swings and distraction during exam preparation I gave some time to my this hobbies.

  • If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in Indian education system?

ANS- According to me there is no need of any changes in Mumbai University.

  • Many students prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear that they are not from big college / not from English medium and eventually lose confidence. What message would you like to these students?

ANS-My suggestion for them is that, they should never think that we are not from big college or we can’t do anything or we don’t know English properly. It’s all foolish thoughts. This all fears make them dumb. They should read newspaper and read novels etc which give them good communication skills, attention and grabbing skills too which makes all things good.

  • Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition? What is your message to the upcoming BFM students?

ANS-After getting an admission in FYBFM and be a part of our college I feel awesome. About studies I surely say that this course is good. It gives well knowledge about all financial market, economy…etc

My message to the upcoming BFM students is this course will help you in gaining knowledge about  financial market, economy and accounts.

  • Your feedback for

ANS-Good for not only upcoming student but also for us.

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