FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus: Environmental Science

environmental science

If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus of Environmental Science then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.

1 Environment: an overview

a. Environment- structure, components and typology

b. Ecosystem as part of environment- Functioning and levels of organisation

c. Biodiversity- Classification, value, threats to biodiversity


2 Natural Resources

a. Definition, importance and classification of natural resources

b. Utilisation o and conservation of water, forest, soil and energy resources

c. Issues associated with natural resources


3 Environment and Economic Activities

a. Economic activities-nature and pattern- primary,secondary and tertiary

b. Environmental problems associated with economic activities

c. Case studies with reference to India


4 Environment Management

a. Environment management- Concept, need and relevance of environmental education

b. Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental audit

c. Role of technology in Environment Management- GIS,GPS, Remote sensing as tools



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