Reference Books of Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services


If you are looking for BFM Reference Books of Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services, then your search ends here as we present the list of books with the author names and publications.

Reference Books of Customer Relationship Management  in Financial Services

  • The Financial Services Source Book: A Guide to Sources of Information of Banking , Insurance & Other Financial Services , Robert Cunnew & Alison Scanmell ,Europa Publication,2001

  • The Customer Differential: The Complete Guide to CRM , Melinda Nykamp, Amacom,2001

  • Data Mining Techniques, Michael Berry & Gordon Linoff, John Wiley & Sons,2003

  • Customer Relationship Management, Neil Russell – Jones ,Financial World Publishing ,2002

  • Customer Relationship Management : Concepts & Tools , Francis Buttle,

  • Butterworth – Heinemann ,2003

  • Essentials of CRM , Brayan P. Bergeron , John Wiley & Sons, 2002

  • Customer Relationship Management : The Bottom Line to optimising your ROI, John Anton & Natalie Petershoff, Prentice Hall ,2002

  • CRM in Financial Services , Merlin Stone & Bryan Foss, Kogan Page ,2002

  • Successful   Customer Relationship Marketing , Merlin Stone & Bryan Foss , Kogan Page,2001

  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Jerry Fjermested & Nicholas C. Romano, M.E.Sharpe,2006

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