SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus: Corporate Finance Paper 1

corporate finance

If you are looking for SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus of Corporate Finance Paper 1, then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.


Unit I : Corporate Finance – An Overview

  • Functions of finance in a business enterprise

  • Emergence of corporate finance as an integral part of business finance

  • Need for professional approach in managing corporate finance

  • Role and Functions of a corporate financial manager

  • Requirements of an efficient corporate financial manager

Unit II : Planning the Corporate Financial Activities

  • Theories of Capitalization

  • Owned capital and borrowed capital- cost of capital

  • Break-even analysis

Unit III

  • Capital structure-meaning and definition

  • Factors affecting capital structure.Trading on equity

  • Watered capital, over capitalization and under capitalization

  • NPV, IRR, DCF Analysis and Pay-Back periods

Unit  IV : Sources and Methods of Raising Corporate Finance

  • Types and Features of corporate securities currently available

  • Management of new issues including pricing of securities

  • Commercial banks and investments banks in financing the corporate sector

  • Leasing as a method of corporate finance

  • Venture financing

  • Credit rating services-role and relevance

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