Interview with Kunj Jain, FYBFM Topper 2014, Jai Hind College

  • Tell us about yourself, your background, why did you join BFM and what do you plan to do after BFM?

Ans 1: Hi, I am Kunj Jain from FYBFM. A middle class brat that curses studies at regular intervals. Firstly, I chose BFM as a degree course because probably that is where my interest lies. Secondly my father deals in various investment avenues and that is where the law of genetics hold true. I am not prepared for my future plans as for now.

  • How does it feel to be a Topper of the college in Semester exams?

Ans 2: Ever been ugly and popular at the same time? It feels the same.

  • Whom will you credit your success to?

Ans 3: I was clueless until I attended the lectures regularly. So basically the credit goes to the faculty of FYBFM.

  • Did you start preparing from the first day of your FY / SY?

Ans 4: I am the last minute kind of a person. Studying on the day just before the exam is a challenge in itself. Mom is always vexed at this act of mine but I somehow manage to score decent. But honestly, I started studying just a week before the exam commenced.

  • How did you study for Sem I / Sem III?

Ans 5:No magic wands used. The subjects we had were all practical. We could actually link things with real life examples so it was just a matter of thinking. IT was the most disinteresting subject and the number of people getting a KT in that subject is too damn high.

  • Which are the easy subjects in Sem I / Sem III?

Ans 6: Easy subjects? No subject is easy until you wreck your head but the easiest of all was Mathematics.

  • Any special way of writing the answers? Do you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

Ans 7: Yes, I love to keep things organized. I write answers in bullet form and try to make the answer paper attractive by making diagrams in it. I make sure the answer paper is not as boring as the question paper.

  • How do you crack case studies in theory and practical subjects?

Ans 8: Practical subjects are to be dealt with thinking. Knowing the concept well and a tinge of neatness is what you need.

  • Did you draw any diagram in any paper? Is it mandatory? Does it help to get more marks?

Ans 9: Yes, I do make diagrams in the paper because that what makes the paper look more attractive. I have experienced that the diagram are of good importance and help score better.

  • Any specific study pattern adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours per subject per day etc.?

Ans 10: No, I cannot follow a timetable. I have tried it before and could not ever work according to it. I started studying a week before the examinations.

  • How do you fight against mood swings and distractions during exam preparation?

Ans 11: Firstly, I am not distracted easily. You can’t risk the only day that you have to study in wasting it. Yet I used to refresh myself taking small breaks.

  • If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in Indian education system?

Ans 12: I think the education system is better than what it would be under my rule. Subjects should be practical enough so that they are of some importance.

  • Many students prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear that they are not from big college / not from English medium and eventually lose confidence. What message would you like to these students?

Ans 13: No student is incapable. They must believe in themselves. Schools and colleges is not what matters, what matters is the amount of knowledge the child possess. I don’t think the medium should be a line of distinction as far as the students of that medium have the capability.

  • Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition? What is your message to the upcoming BAF / BBI / BMS / BFM / BMM / BBA students?

Ans 14: The only message to the upcoming BFM students is to be regular with their work. Procrastinating stuffs never work. I learnt that if I had studied a bit earlier I would have not struggled at the last moment. I had to stay awake late night to complete the portion.


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