Interview with Chinmay Gondhalekar, SYBFM Student 2014, M.L. Dahanukar College

Name – Chinmay Gondhalekar

College Name – M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce

Course Name – BFM

Which year – SY

Tell us about yourself?

I have won zonal level vedic maths paper presentation competitions, stood second and third in research paper presentation on impact of budget and political economics of oil pricing respectively. I like playing and learning all the sports.


Tell us about your college?

The faculties are real good. Every teacher cares about every students and it is ensured that all the concepts are clear. The college encourages students to participate in research activities. The happiest moment in BFM was getting to learn many things practically. There’s no sad moment as such and the most memorable being standing first in the subject of Financial Accounting.


When did you join BFM?

Joined BFM in 2013. In second year. I found the subjects interesting and hence decided to choose to do my BFM.


What is BFM all about?

According to me, BFM is all about various investing avenues and enabling students to make money out of it. As a student, I would want the Indian education system to ensure that there are more course related topics in the syllabus and not irrelevant topics like C++ and Kisan Call Centre.


Who have influenced your life?

My parents, Svatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Harsha Bhogale and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar have influenced my life.


Your message to students?

I would like tell every student who is aspiring to do BFM that He/She must try to attend all the lectures and focus on developing mathematical skills.


Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

A. What institutes are ideal for perusing MBA?
B. How good is the job market for MBAs?
C. What field provides more job opportunities?


What are your future plans?

I want to have a management degree in finance and complete CFA.

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