FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus: Computer Skills Paper 2

computer skills

If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus of Computer Skills Paper 2 then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.



1 Software

System Softwares, Single tasking, operating system(single user)- Types- Functions- latest OS examples- application softwares – types- custom and package software- open source- shareware- freeware utilities- stand alone utility- utilities present along with operating system

2 Emerging technologies in IT

EDI and its application- advantages and limitations of EDI- use of EDI in financial sector- cloud computing services- advantages and limitations- E commerce- types, features, security aspects-payment system

3 Powerpoint2013

Getting started, PowerPoint interface, Creating a basic presentation, Working with slides, Editing slide content, Formatting text and lists ,Editing efficiently, Working with shapes, Creating shapes, Formatting shapes , Applying content to shapes. Graphics, WordArt, Pictures, Tables and charts, SmartArt, Preparing and printing presentations, Proofing presentations, Preparing a presentation, Printing presentations

4 Outlook 2013

Email basics, Reading messages, Creating and sending messages, Working with messages, Handling attachments, Printing messages and attachments, Email management, Setting message options, Organizing the Inbox folder , Managing junk email, Contacts, Working with contacts, Address books , Using contact groups, Tasks, Working with tasks, Managing tasks, Appointments and events , Creating and sending appointments, Modifying appointments, Working with events, Using Calendar Views, Meeting requests and responses , Scheduling meetings, Managing meetings



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