TYBFM Sem 5 Syllabus: Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Exchange

If you are looking for TYBFM Sem 5 Syllabus of Foreign Exchange Market, then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.


Unit – I : Introduction to International Financial System & Foreign Exhange Market

  • Important terms & concepts

  • Foreign Exchange & Euro currency

  • Foreign Exchange dealing & quotations

  • Foreign Exchange brokers & mechanism of foreign exchange transfers

  • CHIPS (Clearing House Interbank Payments Systems), SWIFTS (Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunications).

  • Triangular Arbitrage

Unit -II : Exchange Rate Systems

  • Gold & Bretton woods systems

  • Fixed & Floating exchange rate system

  • Adjustable peg system

  • Crawsling peg exchange rate system

  • Snake in the tunnel system

  • Exchange rate mechanism in India

Unit -III : Foreign Exchange Management

  • The risks element in foreign exchange markets

  • Need & Importance of foreign exchange management

  • Methods adopted (spot & forward, arbitrage, cross currency deals, swaps, options & futures)

Unit – IV:  Foreign Exchange Market in India

  • Impact of liberalization & globalization in India’s foreign exchange market, Inbound and Outbound Investments

  • RBI’s role in directing & controlling foreign exchange market

  • The pros & cons of full convertibility of Indian currency

  • FEMS & the Indian foreign exchange market

  • Indian multinationals & their impact on foreign exchange

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