Tips To Crack TYBFM

Want to excel the coming exams? Here are some tips for the same.

To do well in any exam, there are three things that have to taken care of:

  1. Preparation
  2. Frame of mind
  3. Presentation


The most important preparatory material for any Mumbai university examination is PAST PAPERS considering there is no change in portion.
MU has an extremely limited syllabus and it isn’t possible for examiners to check different concepts every time. So, if you solve the last 5 years papers (10 papers), it should normally cover your whole portion.

Frame of Mind

According to me your frame of mind is extremely important especially in practical papers where committing a silly mistake is easy. You should throw out negativity from your mind and concentrate on your strengths.
If you have not finished your portion, DON’T PANIC. MU gives a lot of options in the papers and there is a high probability that the portion you did not finish will be eliminated in the options.
You never see an unsolved sum before the exam coz if you don’t know the answer, more often than not you will start panicking which will affect your performance in the remaining paper too. And yes stay away from scholars and doubt-askers before the paper. They are a major source of negativity.
To stay calm prefer to listen to your favorite music before the exam. Here is a list of songs that might help you.


The most important part is here. Your presentation in the exam! This is the most important as it will help you stand out from other students. Understand that bad handwriting and bad presentation do not mean the same. Even with bad handwriting you can present well. Good presentation consists of:

  1. Spacing
  2. Underlining
  3. Use of pencil
  4. Diagrams
  5. Numbering when points are enough else using bullets
  6. Solving the objective answers in order.
  7. New main question on a new page.

Also remember, whenever you solve an extra question please mention below the main answer that you have solved an extra question for the same at page xyz or at the end of the paper. It helps the corrector.
In the end remember that presentation is all about making life easy for the paper checker. If he enjoys correcting your paper then be ready for those extra marks.


Article authored by Prof. Harshit Shah – Founder at SJ Tutorials and Pursuit Career Managers.

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