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  • FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus – Computer Skills Paper 1

    Computer Skills like Microsoft word processing, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations are essential these days so that they can be listed in your job resume, cover letter, job applications and interviews. A basic computer skill in general is a requirement for many job positions. BFM colleges are expected to upgrade their systems to […]

  • FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus & Question Paper Pattern – Business Mathematics

    Maths used for recording and managing business operations by organizations or firms or companies or businesses is known as Business Mathematics. Business Mathematics includes accounting, inventory management, forecasting, financial analysis and sales. Here we present the detailed syllabus of Business Mathematics: Unit 1 – Ratio, proportion and percentage – 12 lectures Ratio – definition, continued […]

  • FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus & Question Paper Pattern – Business Communication Paper 1

    Sharing of information between people working in a business organization to achieve organizational goals or for the benefit of the company progress is known as Business Communication. Syllabus of Business Communication Paper 1 is as follows: Unit 1 – Concept of Communication – 9 lectures Meaning and definition, Process, functions, objectives, importance and essentials of […]

  • FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus – Economics Paper 1

    Microeconomics is applied to markets where goods or services are bought and sold. Microeconomics deals with the study of individual behavior in making the decision s related to allocation of resources. Microeconomics analyzes market mechanisms and tries to understand how the individual decisions affect the supply and demand for goods and services. Here we present […]

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