SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus: Equity Markets Paper 1


If you are looking for SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus of Equity Markets Paper 1, then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.


Unit  I : Introduction

  • Meaning and Definition of equity shares

  • Growth of corporate sector and the simultaneous growth of equity shareholders

  • Divorce between ownership and management in companies

  • Development of equity culture in India

  • Current position

Unit  II : Market For Equity – Primary Markets

  • IPO – Methods followed

  • Book building

  • Role of merchant bankers in fixing the price

  • Red-Herring Prospectus -it’s unique features

  • Green Shoe option – Sweat equity, ESOP

  • Rights issue of shares

  • Non voting shares


Unit  III : Market For Equity – Secondary Markets

  • Definition  and functions of Stock Exchanges

  • Evolution and Growth of Stock Exchanges

  • Stock Exchanges in India

  • NSE, BSE, OTCEI and Overseas Stock Exchanges

  • Recent Development in Stock Exchanges

  • Stock Market Indices

Unit  IV : Importance of Equity Markets in a Developing Country like India

  • Need for attracting more investors towards equity

  • Need for strengthening secondary markets

  • Link between Primary Market and Secondary Market

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