SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus: Banking in Financial System


If you are looking for SYBFM Sem 3 Syllabus of Banking in Financial System, then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.


Unit  I : Principles and Practices of Banking

  • Indian Financial System

  • Types and Function of Banks

  • Banking Technology

  • Marketing of Banking Services / Products

Unit  II : Accounting and Finance for Bankers

  • Basics of Business Mathematics

  • Accounting in Banks / Branches

  • Bank Accounting and Balance Sheet

  • Other Accounts and Computerized Accounting

Unit  III : Banking Products and Services

  • Accounts (Current, Saving, Fixed)

  • Loans (Short Term and Long Term)

  • Advisory Services (Investment)

  • Other Services (Insurance Credit Card etc.)

  • Hire Purchase, Leasing, Factoring

  • Tax Services

Unit  IV : General Bank Management

  • Managing Interest Rate Risk, GAP and Earning Sensitivity

  • Managing Liabilities and the Cost of  Funds

  • Effective use of Capital

  • Liquidity Planning and Managing Cash Assets

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