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Deepak Jain


Hinduja college       

Currently pursuing

Pursuing Certified Credit Research Analyst (CCRA) and CFA LEVEL 1 (US), WORKING FULL TIME
Tell us about yourself :

Hi, I am Deepak Jain, mostly called by friends and colleagues as D.J. I am in to financial markets from past more than 5 years now, and the journey have been exciting right from days I enrolled myself for the Bcom (Financial Markets) programme. I am currently working in education space providing trainings in self finance courses in the field of financial markets, and also uplifting my self with add on courses in finance, as finance is really big. Investing and trading in stock markets have been passion now, and I am actively involved in equity markets. Hobbies include reading books on markets, singing, reading economic times daily, cricket, etc

Tell us about your college:

Hinduja College have been close to my heart, as I have spent not only my 3 years BFM there, but also completed my junior college from there. Hinduja college library have the best books on Finance, which have aided us with lot of extra reading materials on our subject matters. Faculties are also good and the mix of visiting faculties (who work in financial markets) along with Academicians makes it a perfect blend of studying for students, and their overall development. (P.S- The Hinduja college campus eateries is also something to watch out for)

Were you expecting to get “Best Student of the Year Award”? Why do you think you won this award?

I think there were lot of other people who were equally deserving the award, but I feel gratitude for the management selecting me the Best Student. I think I had been sincere to my work of attending sessions regularly; participating in the extra curricular’s and inter collegiate events, and helping my juniors whenever they required any help.

Tell us about your professor whom you feel has played a major role in your BFM life?

I think all the faculties have contributed somewhere in my overall development.

When did you join BFM? Which year you were in? What inspired you to choose BFM and not any other course?

I joined the BFM batch in its very first inaugural year 2008-09, when it was launched by Mumbai University. I wanted to go for BMS, but the cut offs were high and as I couldn’t make it, I started sitting for Regular Bcom lectures. After a week, I was not really enjoying Bcom sessions, and thought of applying to BFM as it was also one of the self finance courses, without knowing much about it and took that big risk. But God have been really great, now 5 years down the line, I think it was one of the great decisions to opt for BFM.

According to you, what is BFM all about?

BFM in one liner is Practical Application of Finance and Markets, with a license to mint money going ahead.

As a BFM student, what changes would you like to bring in financial education?

I think there should be more initiative taken by board to make books which are practical, and not only focused on theory. Apart from it as the course is practical, it would be great if we can have computer labs access to softwares like Bloomberg for fundamentals and technical softwares to stimulate research work more.

Who in your life has influenced the most?

I think continued guidance by parents and teachers have been there. No particular person to influence, but yes I believe in self motivation.

What would you advice someone planning to do BFM?

I think anyone looking to make a career in Finance and Financial Markets in particular should opt for BFM without any second thoughts. Yes but do your research as in which college faculties are more practical (combination of industry and academics) before you join in. From day 1 be used to reading Financial newspapers like The Economic Times and Mint. I know it would be difficult in the start, but slowly and steadily things would ease out. Everyday make a habit to read Google news section (Click on Business news on left hand side). It would summarize the days business events which is very handy.

Does BFM really helped  you in improving your all-round personality?

I think presentations helps you to improve communication skills, practical learning gives you advantage to stand out in crowd and make your presence felt, and this practical understanding of markets have been the best result in my learning’s from BFM.

What are your future plans? (Your ambitions)

I would like to learn Technical Analysis in detail and trade on own. So Trading is something I would like to make my profession as. Along with it I would be continue taking trainings and contribute with whatever little knowledge I have.

Your feedback for

I think great initiative by to help BFM students by providing them the platform to know all the ABC of BFM. Keep up the good work guys.


Interview given by –

Deepak Jain,

Deepak have done his Bcom (Financial Markets), MBA (Financial Markets), Chartered Market Technican (CMT) Level 2 (US), waiting for his Level 3 Results, and now Pursuing CFA (US) Level 1 and Certified Credit Research Analyst (CCRA). You can reach him at [email protected] in case of any queries. Or can connect with him on Facebook @ [email protected]

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