FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus: Macroeconomics – Economics Paper 2


If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus of Macroeconomics then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.

Economics – Macro Economics
National Income Generation
a. Concepts of national income- GDP,GNP,NNP,NDP
b. NI at current and constant process
c. NI at factor cost
d. Circular flow theory, IS-L model

Inflation and business cycles
a. Inflation, deflation, stagflation, categories of inflation, effects of inflation, methods to control inflation
b. Introduction to business cycles, phases, theories
c. Impact of business cycles on economic growth and development
d. Role of government in various phases

Money and monetary policy
a. Demand and supply of money
b. Monetary policy in India: nature, objectives,tools of monetary policy- CRR,SLR,OMO, Repo, Reverse Repo,MSF
c. Market stabilisation scheme of RBI
d. Impact of monetary policy on economy

Fiscal Policy
a. Tools of fiscal policy, concept of fiscal deficit
b. Link between Fiscal deficit and inflation and growth of economy
c. Role of fiscal policy in impacting inflation, deflation and growth of economy

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