FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus: Business Statistics


If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus of Business Statistics then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.

1 Population and sample

Definition of statistics, scope of statistics in Management and financial markets, Concept of population and sample with illustration

Methods of sampling- SRSWR, SRSWOR, stratified, systematic (description of sampling procedures only)

Data condensation and graphical methods:

Raw data, attributes and variables, classification, frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution

Graphs- Histogram and frequency polygon

Diagrams- Multiple bar, pie, subdivided bar

2 Measures of central tendency

Criteria for good measures of central tendency, arithmetic mean, median mode for grouped and ungrouped data, combined mean

3 Measures of Dispersion

Concept of dispersion, absolute and relative measures of dispersion, range variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, quartile deviation, coefficient of quartile deviation

4 Correlation and regression ( for ungrouped data)

Concept of correlation, positive and negative correlation, Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation, meaning of regression, two regression equations, Regression coefficients and properties

5 Linear Programming Problems

Meaning of LPP, Formulation of LPP, solution by graphical methods, problems relating to two variables only


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