FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus: Business Communication Paper 2


If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 2 Syllabus of Business Communication Paper 2 then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.

Business Communication- 2
Drafting of business letters
Enquiries and replies, placing and fulfilling of orders, complaints and follow up, sales letters, circular letters, application of employment and resume, Report writing, notices, Agenda and minutes of meeting- Memos

Unit 2:

Oral Communication
Meaning, nature and scope – Principles of effective oral communication, Techniques of effective speech,, media of oral communication( face to face conversation, Teleconferences, Press Conference- Demonstration- Radio recording- Public address system,
Art of listening, principles of good listening

Unit 3
Non-verbal communication
Understanding in depth about non-verbal communication and its effect on work environment, Body language, Globally acceptable and non- acceptable gestures. Ideal body language during interviews, presentations and meetings

Unit 4
Application of communication skills
Concept, Principles, Do’s and Don’ts of – Group decision making, conflict and negotiations- Presentation and interviews- speeches- customer care, customer relations-public relations


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