FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus: Introduction to Financial System

financial system

If you are looking for FYBFM Sem 1 Syllabus of Introduction to Financial System then your search ends here as we present the main units, chapters and topics covered in each unit.



Introduction to financial system
An introduction to the financial system, Overview of financial system, Functions of a financial system, Evolution of financial systems ( capital market oriented), Financial systems in India compared with those in developed nations and developing nations, Constituents of the financial system and interrelationships between various components

Financial Markets
Capital markets, Money Markets, Foreign Exchange Market, Commodity Markets, Derivative Markets, Meaning, classification and structure, sub-segments, Role played, participants

Financial regulators
Meaning and features of financial regulators, Role and functions of financial regulators, Kinds of financial regulators, markets regulated by each regulator

Financial instruments
Meaning and classification of financial instruments (multiple ways of classifying financial instruments), Types of financial instruments, Evaluation of financial instruments (risk return trade-off), Characteristics of financial instruments, New financial instruments

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