Foundation Course in Physical Education- Part II – Revised FYBFM Syllabus 2016

Foundation Course in Physical Education- Part II – Revised FYBFM Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

Sr. No Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Development of Fitness  10
 2  Health, Fitness and Diseases  15
 3  Yoga Education  10
 4  Daily Schedule of Achieving Quality of Life and Wellness  10
 Total  45

Foundation Course in Physical Education- Part II – Syllabus Overview

Sr. No.  Modules / Units
 1  Development of Fitness
• Benefits of physical fitness and exercise and principles of physical fitness
• Calculation of fitness index level 1-4
• Waist-hip ratio Target Heart Rate, BMI and types and principles of exercise (FITT)
• Methods of training – continues, Interval, circuit, Fartlek and Plyometric
 2  Health, Fitness and Diseases
• Definition of obesity and its management
• Communicable diseases, their preventive and therapeutic aspectS
• Factors responsible for communicable diseases
• Preventive and therapeutic aspect of Communicable and non- communicable diseases
 3  Yoga Education
• Meaning and history of yoga
• Ashtang yoga and types of yoga
• Types of Suryanamaskar and Technique of Pranayam
• Benefits of Yoga
 4  Daily Schedule of Achieving Quality of Life and Wellness
• Daily schedule based upon one’s attitude, gender, age &occupation.
• Basic – module: – Time split for rest, sleep, diet, activity & recreation.
• Principles to achieve quality of life:- positive attitude, daily regular exercise, control over food habits & healthy hygienic practices.


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