Environmental Science – Revised FYBFM Syllabus 2016

Environmental Science – Revised FYBFM Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

Sr. No. Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Environment: An overview  15
 2  Natural Resources  15
 3  Environment and Economic Activities  15
 4  Environment Management  15
 Total  60

Environmental Science – Syllabus Overview

Sr. No.  Modules / Units
 1  Environment : An overview
Environment – structure, components and typology
Ecosystem as part of environment- Functioning and levels of organisation
Biodiversity – Classification, value, threats to biodiversity
 2  Natural Resources
 Definition, importance and classification of natural resources Utilisation o and conservation of water, forest, soil and energy resources Issues associated with natural resources
 3  Environment and Economic Activities
 Economic activities-nature and pattern- primary,secondary and tertiary Environmental problems associated with economic activities Case studies with reference to India
 4  Environment Management
 Environment management- Concept, need and relevance of environmental education Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental audit Role of technology in Environment Management- GIS,GPS, Remote sensing as tools

Reference books for subject: Environmental Science

Environmental Science : ~ 
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• Environmental Management, Dr Swapan C Deb- Jaico
• Principles of Environmental Science, W Cunningham & M Cunningham
• Environmental Science, McKinney M.L. &Schoch, Jones & Bartlett
• Basics of Environmental Sciences, Allaby M. 2002 ,Routledge, London
• Man’s Impact on Environment, DetwylerT.R.McGraw-Hill, New York
• India’s Water Wealth, Orient Longman Ltd. New Delhi, Rao K.L



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