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A service is an actor performance offered by one party to another. They are economic activities that create value and provide benefits for the customers at specific times and places as a result of bringing about a desired change in or on behalf of the recipient of the service

The distinct characteristics of services are as follows:

1. Intangibility

Services are intangible we cannot touch them. They are not physical objects. According to carman and uhl ,a consumer feels that he has the right and opportunity to see,touch,hear,smell or taste the goods before they buy them. This is not applicable to services. The buyer does not have any opportunity to touch,smell,taste the services.

For eg:an airline sells a flight ticket from A destination To B destination. Here it is the matter of consumer’s perception of services than smelling it or tasting it

2. Perishability

Services too are perishable like labour.Service has a high degree of perishability.Here the element of time assumes a significant position. If we do  not use it today, it will be lost forever. If labour stops working, it is a complete waste. It cannot be stored. Utilized or unutilized services are an economic waste.

3. Inseparability

Services are generally created or supplied simultaneously. They are inseparable. For an e.g.-the entertainment industry, health experts or other professionals create and offer their service at the same given time. Services and their providers are associated closely and thus not separable.

4. Heterogenity

This character of services makes it difficult to set a standard for any services. The quality of services cannot be standardized. The price paid for the service may either be too high or too low as is seen in case of entertainment or sports industry. The same type of services cannot be sold to all the consumers even if they pay the same price.Heterogenity makes it difficult to establish standards for the output of service firm.

5. Ownership

In the sale of goods, after the completion of process, the goods are transferred in the name of the buyer and he becomes the owner of the goods. But in case of services, we do not find this. The users have only an access to services. They cannot own the services.

6. Simultaneity

Services cannot move through channels of distribution and cannot be delivered to the potential customers and users. Thus either users are bought to the services or providers go to the users. It is right to say that services have limited to geographical area. The economics of time and travel provide incentives to locate more services centre’s closer to prospective customers, resulting in emergence of smaller service centre’s for e.g.; aero plane cannot be bought to customer.

7. Quality measurement

A service sector requires another tool for measurement. We can measure it in terms of service level. It is very difficult to rate or quantify total purchase

8. Nature of demand

Generally services are fluctuating in nature. During the peak tourist season there is an abnormal increase in the demand of services .Therefore, while identifying the salient features of services one cannot ignore the nature of demand.




Bill gates is a visionary that creates the unexpected happens by developing techniques larger than himself and motivating individuals to be a part of him on impressive activities to modify the globe.  He’s not a seeker of popularity nor a seeker  of money, although he has both.  He’s a maker of impact.   rather than retire and play with his money,he focuses on making the world better place to live.

Lessons Discovered from Bill Gates

1.Blaze the trail

The direction is not always there.  Sometimes you have to create it.  Sometimes individuals will think you are insane.   Sometimes it is all  about making your dream  .Bill gates considered that the laptop or computer was the future and that there should be one on every desktop  and in the living room area and it would modify the way we work and how we reside in unimaginable way.

2. Make an effect. 

Drive from effect.  Bill gates create options based on effect.  Whether it’s following his interest or getting a cause, he pushes from creating effect.  He does not just do factors because he can.  He does factors because they matter and he can create them range.

3. A sense of emergency.

The globe changes fast.  The industry changes quicker.  Bill gates says, “In this company, by time you recognize you are in trouble, it’s too delayed to save yourself. Unless you are running afraid all time, you are gone.”

4. Your best gets better with the right individuals.

Don’t do it alone.   You’re better when you have got the right individuals around you.  Bill gates built a lifestyle of the best and smartest and was good at convincing his friends, such as Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer to join him on his adventures.  By surrounding himself with intelligent individuals, bill was able to scale .  He also had a interesting panel for concepts.  Even more important, concepts could get better from the mixed intelligence and viewpoints.  Bill gates also knows how to complimen his strong points by having the right individuals around that make up for his weak points.

5. Innovation is the core of a company. 

It’s about providing concepts to promote and implementing research.  If you do not innovate you die.  The globe keeps modifying.  To stand above the experience, or even to remain in the experience, you have to keep innovating: innovate in your products, innovate in your process, innovate in the marketplaces, etc.  Bill gates uses advancement as a way to generate effect whether it’s forming software or saving the globe.

6. Be the system.

Be the system individuals can develop on.  See the part that you play in building something that let  other individuals develop on what you do best.

7. Develop a better program.

Don’t just fix a one-off issue.  Make a solution methodical.  Find, create, or make use of techniques.  There is always a system, whether it’s at the micro-level or the macro stage.  Whether you are developing the program or utilizing the program, you are more effective when you understand that there is a program.

8.  Take Proper good care of Your People.

Bill Gates says,  “Great organizations demand a high level of commitment by the people involved.” He sets a highly effective example of looking after workers, from private workplaces for developers to developing a office of excessive power, involvement, and interest.

9. Enjoy achievements, but understand from failing.

Don’t do same errors again and again and do not wallow in your victories.  Bill  says, ““It’s excellent to celebrate achievements but it is more important to pay attention to the lessons of failing.”

10.Encourage individuals.

Put the right details into the hands of the individuals that can create the most of it.  Bill says, ““The perspective is really about strengthening employees, providing them all the details about what exactly is going on so they can do a lot more than they have done in the last.”



If you are serious about being effective in lifestyle then you can do nothing better than teaching yourself about the inspirational experiences of effective and celebrities.
Many individuals who want to be successful in lifestyle, profession or company don’t succeed to do it because they don’t know what it requires to be effective and how the street to achievements looks like. They just see the outcome, which is the effective individual, without having any concept about what this individual went through.
By understanding the inspirational experiences of effective individuals you will understand how the street to achievements looks like and your possibility of being successful in lifestyle will become much greater.

Inspirational experiences of effective and well-known people
Below are brief and fast inspirational experiences of some of the most effective individuals that can help you know a lot about the strategy needed to accomplish achievements.

• Soichiro Ford Success story

Soichiro Ford is the creator of the organization Ford which is one of the well known huge automobile organizations. Honda’s tale begins when he went for a job meeting to perform for the Chevy organization. Ford was refused and was informed that he is not fit for the job. The man didn’t quit and made the decision to make a organization that plays with Chevy and so honda was born. If there is anything we can understand from this inspiring achievements tale it would be to never quit.

• Stephen king’s inspirational achievements story

 Most individuals know Stephen master the well-known author but few know about his lifestyle tale. Stephen’s first novel was refused almost everywhere it was presented to the level that he used it in the garbage. His spouse got the tale out of the rubbish and was adament that he transmits it again and in the end he became the Stephen master we know now.There is a very essential session you must come up with from this inspirational achievements tale which is that denials should make no feeling at all if you believe in yourself

• Thomas Thomas edison inspirational achievements story

Johnson addition’s achievements tale is one of the experiences that can motivate anyone after suffering from unable. Johnson unsuccessful about 999 periods to develop the light before he be successful in doing it on the 1000th effort. When individuals requested him how did you handle to keep going even though you were unable all time he responded informing them, everytime it didn’t perform I used to say I found a new way how to not develop the light. Johnson Thomas edison achievements tale should make you determine that unable should never quit you even if it happened more than once.


• Bill gates achievements story

Billgates the creator of Microsoft company is one of the most inspirational company management residing nowadays but do you know that his concept of developing a pc that has a visual interface and a pc mouse was refused when he first presented it to another company? some individuals even say that the documents of the venture were tossed in his face. Now he became bill gates.
Certainly these testimonials are not informed for the benefit of enjoyment but they are informed to be able to motivate, motivate and persuade folks to be successful in perform, company or lifestyle.
The most valuable training you should come up with from these inspirational testimonials are:
1. Rejection should never quit you
2. Failure is not an issue at all
3. People who decline you, know nothing
4. Believing in yourself is the key to achievements in life





Name : Nikhil K doshi

College:H.R College of Commerce and Economics


Tell us about yourself :

I m a graduate and have pursued bachelors in financial markets from H.R college. And an all rounder in studies, sports and finance.


Tell us about your college:

H.R College is a great place to be at to excel in all fields like education, sports, extra curricular activities, etc


Tell us about your professor whom you feel has played a major role in your BFM life?


All my professors have played a major role in shaping me into who I am right now.


When did you join BFM? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BFM and not any other course?

I joined bfm in 2009. I am done with my degree. The whole world of finance and my interest in numbers and stock markets inspired me to join bfm.


According to you, what is BFM all about?

Bfm is all about finance- where to invest your money and how efficiently investing it and taking only calculated risks


 According to you, what is BFM all about? As a BFM student, what changes would you like to bring in financial education?

I would like to make financial education more practical rather than theoretical


Who in your life has influenced the most?

Parents and teachers


Does BFM really helped  you in improving your all-round personality?



What are your future plans? (Your ambitions)

Pursuing MBA and then becoming an entrepreneur